July 2023

This month at Nexus Recovery Center, we speak with Sarai, who, after multiple attempts at recovery, found a place for lasting healing at Nexus. We thank Elevance Health Foundation for their partnership with our Pregnant and Parenting Women with Children (PPWC) program. We also thank “Girls Who Fight” for teaching our Recovery Support Services’ clients about self-defense. Finally, we invite you to our Second Annual “Pathways to Possibilities” Luncheon on August 9!


Girls Who Fight Teaches Self-Defense

Gemma Sheehan, founder and head coach of Girls Who Fight, came to Nexus’ Recovery Support Services office recently to teach self-defense tactics to our clients, as well as avoidance and awareness strategies that can (ideally) stop a person from ever having to fight.

The mission of Girls Who Fight is to create the best possible training program for women and girls who want to learn self-defense, helping them to be better mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to stand up for themselves.

Thank you to Girls Who Fight for helping our RSS clients live more securely in long-term recovery!


Elevance Health Foundation Supports Pregnant and Parenting Women with Children

Nexus recently received a grant from the Elevance Health Foundation for our Pregnant and Parenting Women with Children (PPWC) program, which serves adult women in all stages of pregnancy and mothers in residential treatment with up to three children aged 0-12. As the philanthropic arm of Elevance Health, Inc., this foundation strives to improve the health of humanity by addressing health inequalities and strengthening communities. Nexus is looking forward to our continued partnership with Elevance Health Foundation. Stay tuned for more information!



Sarai Finds a Place of Support and Healing

Sarai G. is a 41-year-old mother who has been in recovery since November 12, 2021. Before coming to Nexus, Sarai had been to five other recovery centers in Texas over the course of seven years. After returning to use once again, she was ready to give up.

“I was done with recovery,” Sarai says.” I never really let go of people, places, and things.”

Five months after returning to use, Sarai began to feel a sense of strangeness within her body, only to discover that she was four months pregnant. It was at this point that she made the decision to seek help. Nexus staff welcomed her to our Pregnant and Parenting Women with Children (PPWC) program, where both she and her unborn child could get the help that they needed.

While at Nexus, Sarai’s primary focus was on her children. She felt as though she had been fighting for their well-being for years, and the discovery of her pregnancy reinforced her determination to turn her life around. Sarai expressed gratitude towards the staff at Nexus, who made her feel welcomed and supported during her four-month stay.

Currently, Sarai works part-time as a childcare provider. Looking towards the future, she plans on returning to school and pursue a career in social work, with a particular focus on supporting women with children. She would like to work at Nexus eventually, helping other women navigate their own paths to reunite with their children.

“Nexus is a place to get better,” says Sarai. “I feel like it saved my life and my son’s life.”


Join Us for the “Pathways to Possibilities” Luncheon on August 9

You are cordially invited to attend Nexus Recovery Center’s 2nd Annual “Pathways to Possibilities” fundraising luncheon. This free event allows guests to learn more about the heart and soul of Nexus. We want guests to become supporters of Nexus and help women and their children recover.

Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Time: Registration — 11:30 am
Luncheon — 12 to 1 pm
Cost: Free

Location: Dallas College Eastfield Campus
3737 Motley Drive, Mesquite, TX 75150
Building S, Rooms S100-S101
Please RSVP to development@nexusrecovery.org.


Founders Circle Donors

The Stallings Foundation
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March Family Foundation
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