The Nexus Auxiliary

About the Nexus Auxiliary

The mission of the Auxiliary of Nexus is to support and promote the interests of Nexus Recovery Center. Members of the Auxiliary make our community a better place by putting in countless volunteer hours each year, planning, and implementing special events to raise money for Nexus. This mission is accomplished using the following methods:

— By building a strong and active membership

— By stimulating public awareness

— By helping in the financial support of Nexus’ services and projects.

Join Us

The Auxiliary of Nexus supports women and their children who are on their recovery journey with Nexus Recovery Center. Our membership is a force for good in our community. Please use the form below to join The Nexus Auxiliary or to renew or upgrade your current membership.

To make your membership gift via phone, please call us at 214-321-0156 ext. 2101. If you have questions about your membership, email


Mothers’ Brunch

The Auxiliary of Nexus holds an annual Mother’s Day luncheon for Nexus Recovery Center. Our Second Annual Mothers’ Brunch, held on May 20, 2023, raised more than $200,000 for Nexus. Click the button below to view pictures from this event!

Current Members

Julie Ackerley

Sharon Adams

Ann Alford

Robin B. Bagwell

Ida Jane Bailey

Beverly Barry

Jean C. Beasley

Lindsay Billingsley

Betsy R. Bond

Robin L. Bruce

Lucinda Buford

Linda F. Caruth

Elizabeth Chambers

Claire Collins

Sandra Collum

Molly Cox

Michelle Crum

Nancy Crume

Laura Dobson

Tara Draper

Shelly Emmanuel

Kristy Faus

Mary Lou Fleming

Hanna Fobare

Margie Francis

Alyssa Franta

Barbara Gary

Lauren Gillette

Margaret Goodnight

Cathleen Griffith

Susan Griffiths

Andrenett Hayes

Cameron Hernholm

Kathy Hewitt

Laura Jeffers

Sue P. John

Lynn Joliet

Michael Keller

Darline W. King

Maggie Kipp

Jennifer Kirksey

Rodger Kobes

Darline Kung

Charlie Kuzmic

Diane Lesselyong

Jeanne Lewis

Karen Lurcott Cheetham

Rachel Miller

Ellen R. Moore

Nancy R. Moore

Pamela Neubauer

Heather Ormand

Jan Osborn

Katie B. Overman

Patricia H. Owens

Alicia Peoples

Dotti Reeder

Barbara Renfro

Holli Riddle

Ryan Rodriguez

Sandra K. Rouse

Vicki Russell

Laura G. Sahliyeh

Krisha Sears

Susan K. Shannon

Jessica Shaw

Katherine M. Shook

Janina Solomon

Rachel Stacy

Tricia Stammberger

Bailey Stovall

Elizabeth Underwood

Susan Unger

Dee D. Velvin

Angie Waghorne

Carolyn Waghorne

Jane Wetzel

Erin White

Marsha Williamson

Amber Wrye

Gail York

Nancy Zogg