The Nexus Auxiliary

The Nexus Auxiliary

The Auxiliary of Nexus supports women and their children who are on their recovery journey with Nexus Recovery Center. Our membership is a force for good in our community – please consider joining today!

If you would like to make your membership gift via phone, please call Cynthia Juarez at 214-321-0156 ext. 2101. If you have questions about your membership, please email

The mission of the Auxiliary of Nexus is to support and promote the interests of Nexus Recovery Center. Members of the Auxiliary make our community a better place by putting in countless volunteer hours each year, planning, and implementing special events to raise money for Nexus. This mission is accomplished using the following methods:

– By building a strong and active membership
– By stimulating public awareness
– By helping in the financial support of Nexus’ services and projects.

Since its founding in 1996, the Auxiliary of Nexus has made a difference for women and children seeking recovery – and has managed to have a lot of fun along the way! The Auxiliary has raised funds for myriad worthwhile programs, including:

– Aftercare program to maintain supportive ties with Nexus graduates
– Client Care Fund to allow for extended treatment stays
– Vans for client transportation
– Agency Medical Director, psychiatric fellow, and detox nurse
– New teen dormitory
– Smoking cessation program
-Research building
-Hallway and reception renovation

Auxiliary Activities

Building up Nexus Clients and Families
– Weekly meeting for residential clients on the Nexus campus
– Birthdays and holiday parties for the kids in Nexus’ Child Development Center
– Support the Nexus Clothes Closet by supplying essential clothing items and necessities for women and children, so they can focus on their recovery with dignity.

Ongoing Opportunities to Support Nexus Staff
– Provide healthy snacks and treats for the hardworking staff at Nexus, who are the backbone of the recovery community.

Advocating in the Community
– Annual Membership Coffee
– Community events and fundraisers, like the Mother’s Day Pop-Up Flower Shop!

Join or Renew Your Membership


Mothers’ Brunch


  • Holiday Bazaar
  • Halloween Children’s Party
  • Holiday Children’s Party
  • Spring Celebration
    4/6/23 or 4/7/23
  • Mothers’ Brunch

Auxiliary Leadership


Lauren Gillette

Vice President of Membership
Robin Bagwell

Vice President of Development
Laura Jeffers

Barbara Renfro

Children’s Party Chair
Alyssa Franta

Children’s Party Chair
Michelle Crum

Members at Large

Alicia Peoples
Alison D. Weinberg
Amber Wrye
Bailey Stovall
Betsy R. Bond
Blake Henry
Cameron Hernholm
Carole Steele
Caroline Trotman
Carrell Stahala
Chari S. Singleton
Christine Ozley
Connie Babikian
Cynthia Carrington
Darline W. King
Dee D. Velvin
Donna Damon
Dotti Reeder
Elizabeth Hughes
Ellen R. Moore
Emily Maduro
Gail York
Gwendolyn M. Huff
Heather Ormand
Heidi Maggio
Ida Jane Bailey
Jan L. Madigan
Jan Osborn
Jane Wetzel
Janet Heutel
Janie S. Conner
Jeanie Essl

Jennifer Kennedy
Jessica Shaw
Jill Tananbaum
Jo Hendrick
Judy Arras
Julie Ackerley
Julie Jodie
Karen Lurcott Cheetham
Karen Otto
Kat Werner
Katherine B. McCarthy
Katherine M. Shook
Kathy Helm
Kathy Hewitt
Katie B. Overman
Kimber Westphall
Kristy Faus
Laura Sahliyeh
Laura Jeffers
Lauren Bagwell
Leslie Kramer
Lindsay Billingsley
Liz Pasquinelli
Lori Smith
Lyndsay Patty
Lynn Joliet
Mackenzie Kleinert
Margaret Anderson
Margaret Goodnight
Margie Francis
Marsha Williamson
Mary Clayton Crow

Mary Lou Fleming
Maryanne Cowdrey
Melissa Werner
Michael Keller
Nancy J. Greenbach
Nick Babikian
Ouida Bradshaw
Patricia M. Kroviak
Patricia S. Kennedy
Phyllis Zubras
Ramona Jones
Rebecca Crowell
Regina Bruce
Robin Z. Bennett
Rose Ann Martin
Roxiann A. Woody
Sandra Collum
Sandra K. Rouse
Sarah Rathjen
Shannon Burke
Sharon Adams
Sharon Popham
Shelly Emmanuel
Susan P. Chizeck
TJ Kleinert
Tricia Stammberger
Tyler Kleinert
Vicki Stensrud
Wendy Harkness
Wendy Zogg