Nexus Programs and Services

We serve as a community of hope and recovery for all women and their families who strive to live healthy, resilient lives.

Residential Services

Nexus residential programs offer intensive, structured, trauma-responsive services using the Twelve Step model as a foundation. Housing up to 130 women for 5 to 90 days, services focus on recovery from opioid, alcohol, and benzodiazepine addiction. Programs are designed to directly address substance use disorder as well as additional barriers to recovery, including social systems, mental health issues, and lack of access to resources.

Adult Women

Together with a team of licensed counselors, residents in the Adult Women program develop and implement personalized treatment plans. Each client maintains a full calendar of one-on-one counseling, group treatment and activities designed to address substance use disorder directly while also growing life skills and building a supportive recovery community around her.

Pregnant and Parenting Women with Children

Adult women in all stages of pregnancy and mothers with up to three children aged 0-12 are individually assessed and receive a comprehensive treatment plan that is uniquely tailored for their families’ needs. A full roster of parenting education classes, postpartum planning and skills classes, and parent-child counseling sessions are built into each recovery treatment plan.

Child Development Center

Nexus operates a licensed childcare center serving infants through school-aged children so that clients and alumni can rely on quality care while focusing on their recovery journey. The Child Development Center offers play therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for children in our residential programs, and accepts child care assistance through Childcare Group.

Medical Services

Medical Detoxification

For clients entering residential treatment with severe opioid and alcohol substance use, a medical detoxification process may be necessary. People may experience life-threatening symptoms as they go through withdrawal, so women in our Detox program receive round-the-clock monitoring, medication, and care from Licensed Vocational Nurses and work daily with detox-specific counselors. Experienced and skilled in collaborating with clients on relapse prevention plans and overdose prevention plans, counselors use motivational interviewing to help clients develop a comprehensive recovery program that includes ongoing treatment after detoxification.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Substance use disorder is a chronic disease that can physically, chemically, and permanently alter the brain. As with other chronic diseases, medication may be useful in treating substance use disorder. Our Medication Assisted Treatment program provides medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies for the treatment of some substance use disorders. Women enrolled in this program while pregnant, even in the late stages of pregnancy, have dramatically improved birth outcomes, allowing Nexus born infants a different chance at life than they would have experienced otherwise.

Psychiatric Services

Nexus’ unique approach to the treatment of substance use disorder involves meeting a woman where she is in her recovery journey and addressing all barriers to recovery. For some people, co-occurring psychiatric disorders must be addressed as part of their recovery. Nexus’ medical providers offer psychiatric evaluations and medication management to this population. In addition, Nexus employs Master’s level counselors who are equipped to address the complex needs of each client, and use evidence-based treatment methods to treat co-occurring disorders and the complex trauma that may underlie substance abuse.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Program

Nexus recognizes the importance of meeting women where they are on their recovery journey. For alumni of our residential programs or clients who are best served through outpatient services for the duration of their treatment, off-campus programs provide individualized treatment and access to a support network for women managing their recovery alongside their lives, jobs and families. By engaging in ongoing group and individual supports, clients develop coping skills that make for sustainable, long-term recovery.

Recovery Support Services

Certified Recovery Support Peer Specialists offer experience, strength and hope to women transitioning out of residential services. Working with each Nexus client during residence and upon graduation, the team provides practical guidance and education as well as employment and supportive housing assistance. Recovery Support Peer Specialists also act as a continual link to the Nexus recovery community that alumni have come to rely upon.

After-Hours Phone Number: 972-595-4428

Nexus Generations

Our Nexus Generations program focuses on providing comprehensive services to pregnant and parenting women diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Through the program, each client participates in several hours of parenting education per week and attends support groups to help on her recovery journey and prepare for motherhood. Counselors and advocates work with each expectant mother to ensure that navigation through complex family systems is more seamless.

Payment & Insurance

Nexus serves women and their accompanying children who want to create a better life for themselves and their family, free from addiction. We accept insurance providers listed below. If you do not have insurance, we want to help, regardless of your ability to pay.

Accepted Insurance Providers