Residential Services

Nexus residential programs offer intensive, structured, trauma-responsive service and use the 12 Steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics anonymous as a foundation. While the primary focus is drug and alcohol recovery, the program addresses all aspects of a woman’s life including her mental health, family, relationships, spirituality, legal issues, life skills, health and parenting.

Adult Women

Together with her counselor, each woman in the Adult Women program develops and implements a personalized treatment plan, which charts the course of her treatment. The client and counselor update the treatment plan regularly throughout residential treatment.  Clients are encouraged to continue in outpatient treatment and recovery support services, following their residential stay.

Pregnant and Parenting Women with Children

Nexus is the only facility in North Texas that invites women to bring as many as three children, ages 0-12, with them and pregnant women to remain in treatment before and after childbirth. Mothers and their children in the Pregnant and Parenting Women with Children program are individually assessed upon admission and receive a parenting education curriculum that is uniquely tailored for their needs. They are provided with a minimum of three parenting education classes each week, focusing on topics such as rebuilding the parent-child bond, positive discipline, redirection, understanding misbehavior, alternatives for punishment, and validating children’s emotions. In addition, a new postpartum class schedule has been designed for pregnant moms that focuses on postpartum planning, newborn bathing cues and engagement, breast and bottle feeding, and sleep schedules. Clients and their children are also enrolled in counseling sessions based on their needs.

Medical Detoxification

Our Medical Detoxification program employs detox-specific counselors that meet with clients daily. They are experienced and skilled in collaborating with clients on relapse prevention plans and overdose prevention plans. Our counselors use motivational interviewing every day to help clients develop a comprehensive recovery program that includes ongoing treatment after detoxification.

Co-Occurring Psychiatric Substance Use Disorder

All five of our Co-Occurring Psychiatric Substance Use Disorder (COPSD) counselors are Master’s level licensed counselors who conduct counseling and case management with their clients. They are well equipped to meet the complex needs of the Nexus client population by developing and using a therapeutic alliance to engage the client in treatment. Treatment planning adopts a multi-problem viewpoint, develops a phased approach to treatment and encompasses the client’s cognitive and functional impairments. They use techniques such as EMDR and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to address the complicated trauma experiences.