Start Your Own Fundraiser

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step in joining the fight to reverse the addiction crisis.
But what is Create Your Own Fundraiser? Great question! Create Your Own Fundraiser is all about you! It allows you to create your own fundraising journey by following your passion and using your unique set of skills. So, whether you want to start an online fundraising campaign in memory of a loved one or to celebrate recovery, livestream or organize an event like a 5K, YOU create your fundraising journey. 
Start Your Campaign.
Step 1:  You can create your page in a matter of minutes! Give your campaign a name, upload your photo, and set a goal – you’re good to go!
Step 2:  Share your page to social media, email it around, text, whatever you can do to spread the word! You can even create a Facebook fundraiser from within your account to make fundraising a breeze.
Step 3:  Don’t forget to thank your donors! You can even tag them in social media posts or send a letter.